MTG Planeswalkers for Diversity Day

Area 52 would like to welcome you to the opening of our Planeswalkers for Diversity chapter!

Who are Planeswalkers for Diversity?
Put simply, Planeswalkers for Diversity believe Magic is for everyone regardless of your background, age, race, gender or sexual orientation. Area 52 believes in providing safe gaming spaces for everyone and as such, we are excited to be starting our very own PFD Chapter!

What’s the plan, Stan?

Learn to Play and Casual Magic – All Day – Free!

Bring whatever cards you have and come play! Will will have decks on hand for people to borrow and to teach people with so don’t stress if you’re brand new!
We will be giving away foils as a Lucky Door Prize!

Team Sealed – 12pm – $25 per person

No cards required!
Team Sealed is a format where players team up in groups of 3, build 3 X 40 card decks from 8 Aether Revolt and 4 Kaladesh booster packs (you can borrow lands from us) and play against people from other teams one-on-one.
Don’t know how to build a deck? No problem! We will have helpful helpers on board to assist you with the finer points of building your decks and playing the game during the day. 🙂
You will then play 4 rounds (best of 3 matches)
One lucky team will each win a free entry to an Amonkhet Prerelease event!
The highest scoring teams will win 2 boosters per player!

Sign ups are open in Area 52!
Don’t forget your team name. 😉


Mar 31 2017 - Apr 01 2017


11:00 PM - 06:00 AM
Area 52


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